President and Founder
Making Time Count, LLC

Manny Piñeiro is a certified executive coach and professional speaker who is skilled in leadership and character development at all levels of management. Manny has an ability for organizational performance goals to be enhanced with humility, behavioral change, and teambuilding concepts through a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

Manny is the President and Founder of MAKING TIME COUNT, LLC which focuses on making the most of our humanity count every second. He is an extreme advocate of transitioning military members to seek their highest potential both in and out of uniform, while identifying and anticipating common struggles for veterans coming out of active duty. He is an authentic and compassionate speaker who is committed to the value of time and reminds everyone to focus on elevating human performance by bringing out the very best version of yourself. He also delivers leadership development and tailors it to fit the unique needs for a multitude of premier organizations and leads teams to master their moments. He is a thought leader in diversity, resilience and encourages people to be accountable for themselves.

Piñeiro is a 32-year Veteran who served in the highest enlisted position as the First Sergeant Special Duty Manager for the United States Air Force. In this position, he was responsible for establishing guidance, policy, and management of more than 2,700 Regular Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve first sergeants. He also served as the primary advisor to the Secretary of the Air Force, CSAF, CMSAF and First Sergeant Academy for training curriculum, which established wartime mission roles, responsibilities and utilization that impacted nearly 600,000 airmen and their families around the world. Manny is a proven leader with a warrior ethos who has deployed in support of OPERATIONS DESERT SHIELD/STORM as well as OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM.

As a dynamic and energetic speaker, Piñeiro has delivered over 300 keynote addresses to audiences of all sizes throughout the world. Manny is no stranger to our international partner nations. As the first enlisted senior non-commissioned officer to be selected to work for the Undersecretary of International Affairs, he established policy and strategy to promote professional military education with host nations that solidified their ability to develop, grow and attain leadership philosophies that connect to our mutual endeavors. Piñeiro earned a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He is also responsible for the inception of the Joint Service Professional Military Education Experience at Department of Defense (DOD) National Defense University.

In today’s ultra competitive environment, it’s imperative to differentiate yourself and your competitors. Manny provides a leg up on their peers with excellent customer care and service. Whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom, he knows how to get positive results.