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Thanks for being there for my son when I couldn’t be.

There are countless ways volunteers support the USO, but they all share an abiding dedication to our service members and their families. Whether it’s helping out at a special event, cheering troops at homecoming, manning a front desk or providing a listening ear, our volunteers are the reason service members know they can count on the USO.

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We received a note from a mom who thanked us for a story her son told her. He was flying home exhausted after a long, stressful tour. The airport volunteer gave him something to eat, pointed him to a recliner and told him to get some rest. The soldier drifted into a much-needed nap, stirring briefly as the USO volunteer draped a warm blanket over him. Later, she gently touched his shoulder to wake him so he wouldn’t miss his flight. 

It meant a great deal to that soldier. But it meant the world to his mom who wrote, “Thanks for being there for my son when I couldn’t be.” 

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