How do I become a USO volunteer?

Click here to find your center and apply.

What does a USO volunteer do?

Most volunteers will greet guests, assist with center activities and programs and support staff members as needed. For more information about volunteering, contact your local center or email

Are there volunteer opportunities close to me?

You can find your nearest USO center by searching here. If you do not see a USO center near you, please email

Can my company/organization/group volunteer together?

To learn more about group opportunities in your area, please fill out this form or email

I’m under 18, may I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities for individuals under the age of 18 vary by center. To learn more, click here.

How do I volunteer overseas?

If you are located overseas and are interested in volunteering, please click here. The USO is unable to relocate volunteers. We only accept volunteer applications from individuals currently living within the region.

How do I volunteer in Southwest Asia?

If you are currently located in Southwest Asia and are interested in volunteering, please reach out to your local center or email

I’ve moved and want to continue to volunteer. How do I do that?

If you’ve moved and want to continue volunteering with the USO, please click here to fill out a volunteer transfer request. Please note that you will be asked to log into your USO volunteer account.

What are the USO volunteer policies?

You can view the USO volunteer policies in the USO volunteer handbook here.

How do I use (the online volunteer management system) to register to volunteer, sign up for shifts and add my hours?

First, make sure you have registered here. Then, you can watch a quick five-minute webinar or view quick guides on how to use the website here.

How do I learn more about entertainment opportunities with the USO?

Please email to learn more.

How do I donate to the USO?

Donate today by clicking here.