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Wear your pride for our service members 2018 July 4th T-shirt Campaign

Thank you to our USO celebrity supporters for their participation in the July 4th T-shirt Campaign! This year’s campaign was bigger than ever and focused on bringing Americans closer together with our service community.


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Entertainment Is Our Tradition

While the entertainment industry has changed a lot over the years, a few things have not. Today's service men and women still long for family, home and country, and they are still delighted and inspired when their personal heroes volunteer their time, voice and reach to work with USO and engage with service members and their families. Support from their favorite entertainers strengthens service members and their families by keeping them connected to the people, places and things they love.

USO Entertains

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USO Entertainment History

USO's tradition of supporting service members stretches back to our beginnings in 1941. In an effort to boost our military's morale, USO teamed up with some of our country's brightest stars to produce concerts, meet-and-greets and other interactive events for our service members at home and overseas.


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