Envision Capital Management

Marilyn Cohen is one of the country’s top bond managers. She began her 40-year financial career as a securities analyst at William O’Neil & Co. She moved into bond brokerage at Cantor Fitzgerald, Inc., the world’s largest bond dealer before founding Envision Capital Management 24 years ago.

As Envision’s Chief Executive Officer, Marilyn specializes in managing bond portfolios for individuals, and personally manages each client’s investment portfolios. During this same 24 years Marilyn has written the bond column appearing in Forbes magazine. She is the author of six books on the bond market investing for individuals—all available at

Marilyn is a thought leader within the financial community and a popular guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, PBS, and other major broadcast networks. Her comments—always explained in plain English—guide individuals through the inner workings of the bond market.

Marilyn has a BA degree from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University. 

In her spare time Marilyn raises service dogs for the disabled and regularly conducts pet therapy sessions at the VA Hospital, the VA Nursing Home, and the USO.