Force Behind the Forces: "Reflect and Connect"

Each year on 9/11, Americans come together in a patriotic show of support for our country. This Patriot Day – USO invites you to “Reflect and Connect” as we observe and pay tribute to the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

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"Reflect and Connect"

“Reflect and Connect” demonstrates the national unity and patriotic sentiment surrounding September 11 while calling on all Americans to connect with and show gratitude for the service members who continue to keep us safe. From Sept. 1 – Sept. 15, the USO will share stories of service to reflect on how the events of 9/11 inspired service members, families, USO volunteers, USO spokespersons, and USO programming. Our storytelling efforts will invite Americans to connect with service members by sending a message of support or learning how to get involved as a Force Behind the Forces.

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Find your nearest USO center to learn how you can connect with service members, veterans, and their families in your area—volunteer or discover other ways you can support your local military community.

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