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Space is always at a premium for our service members. They’re weighed down with gear to keep them prepared for any challenge they might encounter. The USO Care Package Program is designed to provide service members with a connection to home through a snack or toiletry care package designed to best suit the needs of our military men and women.

The Snack Pack and Toiletry Pack are constructed with a durable nylon material that has a M.O.L.L.E. system on the back of the pouch for attachment on most military-issued gear.

A Marine holds up a care package in Djibouti. | Photo credit USO/Joseph A. Lee

“I received a bunch of USO goodie kits in the mail that everyone is loving. The M.O.L.L.E. attachment (woven button snaps) are super.” - U.S. Sr. Airman, while passing through Europe

The Snack Pack is assembled with a mixture of healthy treats and drink mixes. The Toiletry Pack comes equipped with a wide range of travel-sized hygiene products. In 2022 we delivered more than 165,000 packages.

The USO Care Package program harkens back to the USO’s early years, when Americans packed boxes full of little “tastes of home” to keep deployed service members connected to the people, places, and things they cherish. Those small gestures provide the comfort and care that make a difference for service members stationed far from home.

“I’m a single mother of a U.S. Marine, currently doing his second tour. I can’t tell you how happy and surprised when I received a brief text from my son that he had received a package from the USO! Your package truly lifted his spirits. Thank you so very much! - Susan F.