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Our Mission

Departments and Positions

The USO has fulfilled its mission to lifts the spirits of America's troops and their families for over seven decades. Building on our legacy and sustaining the vitality of the USO takes the collaboration of talented individuals across disciplines.

The USO corporate offices are located in Arlington, Va. The departments that work in Arlington provide support for USO operations located worldwide. When we talk about operations worldwide, the department name we use is “Field Operations.”

In this section, you will find summary information about each department, as well as the job titles we employ in each area.

Field Operations

Field Operations staff comprise those USO employees who run a USO Center or members of the regional leadership teams who provide guidance and direction. These USO employees are at the “tip of the spear” for delivering the USO mission, as they work tirelessly to deliver the services, programs and smiles that are the hallmarks of a USO Center.

USO Field Operations are divided in to four geographic territories.

  • Stateside (STA), which includes USO Centers located throughout the continental U.S.
  • Europe (EUR), which includes USO Centers located in Germany and Italy
  • Pacific (PAC), which includes USO Centers located in Hawaii, Guam, Japan and Korea
  • Southwest Asia (SWA), which includes centers located in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Dubai

Here is a list of job titles most frequently used for the positions in Field Operations worldwide:

  • Regional Vice President
  • Director of Operations
  • Area Director
  • Area Operations Manager
  • Center Director
  • Center Manager
  • Duty Manager
  • Information Specialist
  • Programs Manager
  • Programs Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Mobile Program Manager
  • Mobile Unit Manager
  • Mobile Unit Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Tours Manager
  • Assistant Tours Manager

In Field Operations, it is important to note that with few exceptions, we will recruit from the immediate area where the center or regional office is located.

Therefore do not relocate new hires for the vast majority of Field Operations positions.


The Operations team in Arlington provides leadership, guidance and support to Field Operations. Priorities of the Operations team include reporting and maintaining metrics on center level activities, logistics and planning for opening of new USO centers, facilitating communication and information flow throughout the four regions, and system wide program and policies on volunteer management. You can think of Operations as “command central.”

Here is the list of job titles in Operations:

  • Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Director of Operations
  • Manager of Field Operations
  • Director of Volunteer Services
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Director of Logistics and Facilities
  • Knowledge Administration Manager (for SharePoint)
  • Coordinator, Operations


The Development team is the fundraising arm of the USO. When you consider the fact that the USO is a private, non-profit organization and relies entirely on donations to fund operations and programs, you can appreciate how talented our Development team is and needs to be.

Development is organized along these channels of fundraising activities: Corporate Alliances; Fundraising and Development; Regional Development; Major Gifts; Online Development.

Here is a list of job titles in Development:

  • Senior Vice President of Development
  • Vice President, Corporate Alliances
  • Vice President, Major Gifts and Planned Giving
  • Director, Fundraising and Development
  • Director, Online Development
  • Director, Regional Development
  • Director, Corporate Alliances
  • Regional Directors, Development (works with Field Operations)
  • Account Managers, Corporate Alliances
  • Coordinators (Development, Donor Services, Corporate Alliances, Online Development)
  • Manager, Online Development
  • Senior Manager, Fundraising and Development
  • Manager, Fundraising and Development
  • Relationship Manager, Clubs and Organizations
  • Research Analyst
  • Directors, Major Gifts and Planned Giving
  • Manager, Major Donor Outreach
  • Grants Writer
  • Specialist, Fundraising Research
  • Specialist, Proposal Development
  • Development Office Administrator
  • Administrative Assistants

Entertainment and Programs

See the news about the latest USO show? Then you saw the Entertainment and Programs team in action. All planning and logistics for USO shows and programs start with this department. Whether it is recruiting celebrities to support the USO mission, staging a show in Afghanistan or planning a new program to roll out at our centers to lift the troops' spirits, our Entertainment and Programs team is behind the scenes making it happen.

Here is a list of job titles in Entertainment and Programs:

  • Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Programs
  • VP of Entertainment Operations
  • Vice President of Celebrity Recruitment
  • Vice President of Programs
  • Vice President of Warrior and Family Care Programs
  • Entertainment Tour Producers
  • Entertainment Specialist
  • Entertainment Assistant
  • Director, Programs
  • Program Managers
  • Coordinators (Programs and Services, Warrior and Family Care Programs)
  • Administrative Coordinator

Marketing and Communications

The USO has an extensive Marketing and Communications team, charged with vital internal and external communications, brand management, and website management. Media placement, brand recognition, brand materials, special events, PSA’s and telling the USO story — in print, digitally, and through all online channels — are priorities of this creative and talented team.

Here is a list of job titles in Marketing and Communications:

  • Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Vice President of Communications
  • Director, External Relations
  • Director, New Media
  • Director, Internal Communications
  • Director, Story Development
  • Director, Media Relations
  • Director, Publications
  • Director, Marketing
  • Director, Web Operations
  • Director, Marketing Materials
  • Director, Special Events
  • Communication Account Managers
  • Sr. Commutation Specialists
  • Staff Writer
  • Senior Editor
  • Sr. Web Editor
  • Web Content Specialist
  • Web Designer
  • Multi-media Specialist
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Manager, Special Events
  • Coordinator, Special Events
  • Administrator

Information Technology

For the USO IT team, the challenge is not just meeting the technology needs and data management needs of the internal staff for a global organization. They must also deliver the technology required at our centers where troops rely on the USO for connectivity, games and a link back home. Ever manage a database with more than one million donors or stand up a satellite system in Afghanistan? That’s all in a typical day for IT at the USO.

Here is a list of job titles in Information Technology:

  • Vice President of IT
  • Director, Information Technology
  • Director, Network Infrastructure
  • Director, Enterprise Applications
  • Network Administrator
  • Helpdesk Support Technician
  • Applications Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Program Manager, Enterprise Application Development
  • Implementation Specialist
  • Regional IT Support Technician

Human Resources

The Human Resources team strives to take care of “the troops who serve the troops.” The HR team recruits talent to the organization, manages employment policies and practices, orchestrates training and development and negotiates and administers employee compensation and benefits programs.

Here is a list of job titles in Human Resources:

  • Senior Vice President of Human Resources
  • Director, Employee Relations and Development
  • Director, Compensation and Benefits
  • Director, Recruitment
  • Human Resources Manager/HRIS
  • Corporate Training Manager
  • HR Generalists
  • Sr. Corporate Recruiter
  • Recruitment Coordinator
  • HR Coordinator
  • Coordinator, Office Services
  • Receptionist


In a non-profit organization, you must maximize every dollar. Here at the USO, we call that being a good steward of the donor dollar. Monitoring the financial health of the organization, reporting both internally and externally on financial activities, running payroll, accounting for every dollar received and every dollar spent, running sophisticated financial models and ensuring that the USO is financially strong is all on the watch of Accounting and Finance.

Here is a list of job titles in Accounting and Finance:

  • Chief Financial Officer/SVP
  • Vice President/Controller
  • Vice President, Financial Reporting, Planning and Analysis
  • Director, Accounting Operations
  • Director, Financial Planning and Control
  • Regional Accounting Managers (one for each Field Operations Region, located in region)
  • Procurement Manager
  • Staff Accountants
  • Sr. Staff Accountants
  • Accounting Clerks
  • Sr. Financial Analyst
  • Financial Control Analyst

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