By Tara Tung

Everyone deserves a treat every once in a while.

But sometimes finding the time to head to the store, or even the USO, to grab a snack during the workday can be nearly impossible – something service members stationed on Camp Humphreys, a sprawling Army base in South Korea, know all too well.

“A lot of the soldiers can’t come to the [USO] center because they’re busy with their jobs,” said USO Camp Humphreys Center Manager George Gray.

That’s exactly why the USO Camp Humphreys team created the Sweets on Wheels program.

Every Friday, USO volunteers deliver snacks and beverages to busy service members working around base. The hand-delivered refreshments change with the seasons. In winter, hot cocoa, hot coffee and hand warmers offered are offered, while popsicles and other cool treats are delivered during the summer heat.

“[It] gives [them] an extra drive to keep going and a sense that somebody’s taking care of [them],” said Army Spc. Jonathan J. Cervantes, a USO Camp Humphreys volunteer.

–Senior Multimedia Journalists Joseph Andrew Lee and Sandi Moynihan contributed to this report.