Video by Sandi Moynihan

CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea–If you step into USO Camp Humphreys on a Thursday afternoon, chances are you’ll be greeted by the mouthwatering aroma of volunteer Mi Hwa Jackson’s home cooking still in the air.

Jackson, better known as “Miss Mimi” around the center, heads to the USO almost every Thursday to volunteer her time and cook a comforting, homemade lunch for hungry service members to enjoy.

“I love to cook for them, I love to cook,” Jackson said.

Jackson, a South Korean native, began volunteering for USO Camp Humphreys after she and her husband relocated back to the area after his retirement from the Army.

"The Army gave me a lot, so I have to give back something for the Army,” Jackson said.

Although Jackson loves to prepare traditional South Korean dishes, like bibimbap and bulgogi, as a way to introduce young service members to Korean culture, she also enjoys cooking a variety of cuisines from around the world to appeal to service members’ taste preferences.

“If they’re happy, I’m happy,” Jackson said.

- Joseph Andrew Lee contributed to this report.

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