Video by Zach Zimmerman

Everyone needs to blow off steam every once in a while and American service members deployed to Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan are no different. Fortunately for them, the USO is right there on base to connect them to all their favorite activities just like they were back at home.

“We enjoy different types of games,” Army 2nd Lt. Christian Rowcliffe said. “First-person shooters especially because it kind of relates to what we do.”

“Dudes are still communicating, trying to make sure everyone is covering every avenue,” Army Staff Sgt. Chris Jimenez said, referring to how real-life soldiers play “Call of Duty.” “It ends up being probably a little bit more technical than your average gamer. It’s nice to come to the USO and have this lounge kind of atmosphere provided for you.”

–USO Multimedia Journalists Joseph Andrew Lee and Sandi Moynihan contributed to this story.

You can send a message of support and thanks directly to service members via the USO’s Campaign to Connect. Your messages will appear on screens at USO locations around the world.