"Time does seem to be our enemy over here and the countdown continues until we do get home. And this greatly helps span the time." - From a Sergeant First Class who recently received a USO2GO


USO2GO delivers the USO’s most popular services to troops in remote and restricted areas. We ship everything from beanbag chairs, snacks, coffee and toiletries to board game, DVDs, XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles. Also available are guitars, art supplies, footballs, Frisbees and horseshoes.

Developed with feedback from deployed troops, units can select from seven different packages that will then be sent to troops stationed at Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), contingency outposts and other austere locations.

More than 1,300 USO2GOs have been delivered around the world since the inception of the program.

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Request a USO2GO for your unit by contacting our USO2GO program manager.

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