USO2Go Kit Contents

USO2Go Kit Contents

"We live on a small FOB that is self sustaining, no PX, Shoppette, hadji shop or anything, but the things we received from you and the USO members have made those things not matter." - From a Sergeant First Class stationed in Iraq

Comforts of Home: Designed to provide comforts not readily available at an FOB. Items include toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower shoes, shower caddies, shaving gel, shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash and baby wipes.

Furnishings from Home: Provides comfortable and durable furniture for service men and women to enjoy, including folding tables, chairs and bean bag chairs.

Edible Enjoyments: Provides comfort foods and beverages to our troops. Food items include sports bars, crackers, cookies, beef jerky, microwaveable popcorn, chicken noodle soup, Crystal Light®, Gatorade®, Bigelow Tea® and a coffee pot with coffee packets.

Leisure Kit: Designed to provide a distraction on the difficult days our troops often face. Items selected include books, board games and playing cards.

Electronics Assortment: Packed with high-demand items like Xbox® 360, Nintendo® Wii™ and Playstation® 3 consoles and portable DVD players, this kit also includes a wide selection of DVD's and video games.

Athletic Kit: Features recreational activity equipment , including a putting green and portable putting set, volley ball and badminton set, horseshoes, frisbees, footballs, flag football belts, nerf balls, soccer balls and a magnetic dartboard.

Design in the Desert: Designed to appeal to the artistically and musically inclined, this kit comes with sketch pads, colored pencils, crochet book and yarn, music books, a keyboard and acoustic guitar.

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