Spring 10 cover In this issue, you will read about our men and women in uniform responding to the tragedy in Haiti. Scenes of our troops taking the tools of war and turn­ing them to peaceful and humanitarian purposes warm our hearts. We are proud to see our service men and women responding to those in need and realize that their example conveys to the world so much of what America represents.

During combat missions, while our troops fight to secure our freedom, they undertake another vital role-representing all Americans to the citizens of the world, especially those in countries where U.S. troops are deployed. For many, this is the only direct contact they will have with America. Through­ out the 20th and now 21st centuries-from France to Afghanistan, China to Panama, the Philippines to Kuwait-millions around the world have come to know America through our men and women in uniform.

They are our greatest ambassadors, in times of peace and war.