The first day of Prince Charles’s three-day official visit was spent meeting some of America’s wounded warriors at a British Embassy reception thrown by the USO and British Forces Foundation in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday night.

As outlined by the British Embassy, the event “was designed to celebrate the work of the USO and BFF [British Forces Foundation], who share a mission dedicated to lifting the morale of troops and military families worldwide, and to begin a partnership dedicated to improving the quality of life of British and American troops and military families.”

During his remarks, the Prince said, “I’ve been enormously impressed by those from Walter Reed hospital here. I am looking forward to linking between the USO and the BFF learning examples of best practices.

"Nothing is to good for our wounded men and women and we owe them an unmeasurable and unpayable debt. They go out every day not knowing what will happen …. To our families who provide the moral support without whom none of this is possible. It is a remarkable opp to express our thanks to them.”

Prince Charles also used the event to promote the Marshall Scholarships program, which gives American students a chance to do graduate work in the United Kingdom. His Royal Majesty also made time to visit Common Good City Farm in downtown D.C. on Tuesday to support his push for environmental sustainability before heading over for an afternoon function at the Supreme Court.

And what of that event last week that got a little bit of attention, as well … something about one of his sons getting married? No canned or candid quotes could be elicited as the Prince did not take any questions from the press during his Tuesday appearances.

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