[caption id=“attachment_3445” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“The Sons of Anarchy are just the latest supporters to get their boots on in support of our Troops! (Photo courtesy of Boot Campaign)”][/caption]

Hi everyone!  This is Heather, Sherri, Mariae, Ginger and Leigh Ann, and we are known as the Boot Girls. The five of us are currently leading a grassroots initiative called the Boot Campaign, and our newest announcement is that we have been blessed to have caught the attention of the USO.

The USO heard about the Boot Campaign as the result of a request for permission to capture in a photograph one of their celebrities on a USO tour in Boots. They were interested in what the Boot Campaign was doing and how they could help fulfill its goals. From there, a great partnership was born, and we are thrilled to be working alongside such a noteworthy and hardworking organization.

The USO’s mission, for almost 70 years, is the same as what is in our hearts. They “support U.S. troops and their families wherever they serve” and “show appreciation and gratitude to men and women who defend us.” We’re proud to have the support of this long-standing, reputable organization in selling our boots. (And we are really excited that we have made an impression on them, too!)

The Boot Campaign itself is an initiative to raise awareness and funding for existing military non-profit organizations with fundraising opportunities through product sales and event planning. The ultimate goal is selling one million of our signature Altama combat boots to benefit the military veterans of our country. The Boot Campaign is most recognizable to the public for our photos of celebrities and popular personalities in combat boots. Participants in these pictorial spreads include actor Jim Caviezel, singer Gretchen Wilson, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, sports great Nolan Ryan and the iconic Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, just to name a few! The list is constantly growing, and more opportunities continue to arise for us and the Campaign. [And the list just grew to include the Sons of Anarchy!  Check out behind-the-scenes footage of their photo shoot below! -ed.]


We were instantly interested in the idea after Boot Girl Sherri discussed the concept with us and recommended the “Lone Survivor” book by Marcus Luttrell. Since then, Luttrell’s account has inspired all of us to continue creating awareness of the current U.S. soldiers and veterans. Some of us have family military background, and even those who don’t were captivated by the initiative. We expect for the Boot Campaign to benefit military veterans by shaping their image as heroes who are worthy of attention and praise.

Like the USO, the Boot Girls are not politically motivated. We are just five girls who want our friends, our families and everyone we can reach to realize that there are people across the world who are missing their friends and families to keep us free and safe.

The Boot Campaign and the Boot Girls make our national television debut today on Fox & Friends with singer Joe Nichols, and we hope everyone can tune in and find out more information regarding what we’re all about, and how everyone can get involved!

So lose the Redwings, the Nikes and (gasp!) the Manolos and “Get Your Boots On” with us! Let’s show those men and women who protect our freedom that they are the true heroes, earning celebrity status in the hearts of the people they fight for!

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The Boot Girls are the are five women from across Texas and the creative force behind the Boot Campaign.  The opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the Boot Girls and do not necessarily reflect those of the USO.