Here at the USO, we’re always looking to bring you the biggest celebrity entertainers from the worlds of music, television, film and beyond.  And behind all that talent is another group of individuals who create things like sets, costumes, backup music, and scripts…and it’s a competitive field!  Every year tens of thousands of scripts are finished, but only a few hundred are made into movies.  This week’s Snag Films documentary Dreams on Spec tells that story.

Dreams on Spec takes an intimate look at how far people will go - and how much they will sacrifice - for the chance to pursue their dreams. This feature-length documentary delves into the lives of three aspiring Hollywood screenwriters as they pour their hearts into their spec scripts, pitch their ideas to anyone who will listen, go to meetings, hold table reads, and work at low-level day-jobs in the hopes of one day seeing one of their beloved creations made into a movie.

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