[caption id=“attachment_3191” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“David Sparks (l) is one of five chaplains supporting the community at Dover Air Force Base.”][/caption]

Continuing this week’s HuffPost Impact series “Breaking the Roles” is today’s profile of David Sparks, a long-time reserve chaplain who was called into active duty in the period after September, 11, before retiring in 2007 and staying on as a civilian chaplain at Dover Air Force Base.

“What an honor to work with these folks who are doing a duty that really can’t be described or imagined,” he told Huffington Post’s Jonathan Daniel Harris. “To keep them as healthy as possible as they do their work – it’s a huge privilege, it’s what called me to the ministry 30 years ago. Every day I walk away feeling fulfilled. Exhausted, but fulfilled.”

Click here to read the full interview and take a moment to watch a short video made at Dover AFB late last year…