As their latest tour ended, NFL stars Drew Brees, Billy Miller, and Donnie Edwards took some time to reflect on the experience. Enjoy their words and their pictures, too!

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Most Valueable Player” Drew Brees poses for a photo with PS2 Lisa Dadurn of Pensacola, FL during a USO visit to Dubaii on March 27, 2010. While taking the picture, Brees holds up “Flat Stanley”, a project of Dadura’s second grade niece in Ft. Worth, TX.

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Former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Donnie Edwards signs an autograph for U.S. Navy Gunners Mate Second Class Marvin Leon Ford, Jr. while in Dubaii on March 27, 2010.

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(L to R) NFL’s Billy Miller, Drew Brees and Donnie Edwards pose for photos with members of Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron Four stationed in Dubaii on March 27, 2010. This is the trio’s third USO tour.

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Sailors and Marines of the USS Nassau lined up to meet NFL players Drew Brees, Billy Miller and Donnie Edwards, March 28, 2010. Hundreds of troops lined-up for an opportunity to meet and get autographs from the NFL trio, who are participating in their third USO tour together.

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NFL and USO tour veteran Donnie Edwards signs an autograph for Marines and Sailors of the USS Nassau, March 28, 2010. Edwards is joined by fellow NFL players Drew Brees and Billy Miller, this marks the third USO tour for the trio, who will visit troops in Africa, Turkey and the Persian Gulf.

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New Orleans Saints quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees signs this fans Indianapolis Colts blanket, March 28, 2010. Hundreds of Sailors and Marines, of the USS Nassau, came out to visit the Super Bowl champion. Brees is joined by teammate Billy Miller and NFL player Donnie Edwards, the trio will visit troops in Africa, Turkey and the Persian Gulf.

Drew Brees

“It has been a big year for the Saints. We played hard all season and along the way fulfilled a lifelong dream. And now it’s time for us to celebrate our victory with troops serving overseas. I look forward to heading out on what will be my fifth USO tour and to focusing on what matters most – those who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way for us each and every day: our troops.”

Billy Miller

To me, going out on USO tours and spending time with troops is not about traveling to different countries, or losing out on time with my family during the off season. It is about lifting spirits at various military outposts and gaining time with our men and women in uniform. I just wish everyone had this opportunity.“

Donnie Edwards

"If it weren’t for our Armed Forces, I wouldn’t know what it was like to have the freedom to vote, much less play football professionally. We, as Americans, owe them our respect and our time. And one of the many ways I honor them is by working with the USO and going out on tours to convey my appreciation.”