How nice would it be to tell that special someone serving overseas, or right here in the States, that you’re thinking of them? Or that you’re proud of them, and wish them safe return?  "Send a Card to a Soldier“ makes this possible!

Snapio and the USO have teamed up to help families and loved ones stay in touch - for free!  For a limited time, visitors to the site will be allowed to pick and choose from over 30 unique card designs, and customize their card to their liking.  It takes just a few minutes for users to write a personal message to their loved ones. Afterwards, the card is printed sealed, mailed and delivered to the recipient.  It’s just that easy!

“It started it off quite simple enough,” explains Nationwide Graphics’ CEO Carl Norton. “We wanted to somehow give back to our country in a way that made sense for everyone.”  The offer is absolutely free to the public; it’s our own small way of saying thanks to the brave men and women who continue to guarantee our freedom and safety.  Visit to create your card today!