From the desk of Kevin Wensing, VP of Executive Office at the USO:

“Anything is Possible,” was the message of the USO’s own, Giovanni Livera, who inspired and motivated a class of wounded warriors last month at the Wounded Warrior Project’s TRACK course in Jacksonville, FL.

The USO and the Wounded Warrior Project partnered to bring the renowned magician, teacher and motivator’s inspirational message that indeed anything is possible. Giovanni also introduced the class to his successful life navigation course, which he guided the troops and their spouses through during the day, helping them chart their own personal goals for the future.

[caption id=“attachment_1195” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“The USO’s Giovanni Livera (center, front) WOWs participants in the Wounded Warrior Projects TRACK program in Jacksonville, FL - Jan 2010.”][/caption]

The Wounded Warrior Project’s Dean of Students, Chris Rick, himself a retired Navy Master Chief, said “Giovanni was phenomenal.”   Rick added that Giovanni’s presentation was “powerful” and that “He was able to capture everyone’s attention from the beginning and held it though-out.”    Rick noted, “

Giovanni was able to include our TRACK program principles and core values into his presentation, thereby reinforcing them to our warriors.”

The USO has partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project and other effective organizations to help bring the best possible services to our troops and their families and aid in their healing and reintegration into their new lives.

August 2008, the Wounded Warrior Project launched TRACK to offer wounded warriors an integrated approach to address long-term needs for education and training, advocacy, and secondary rehabilitative care for the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.  This unique program offers participants a range of college preparatory classes and services customized to their needs, helping them build career skills, train in veterans’ advocacy, and continue recovery toward a more independent life. The wounded warriors attend college classes as a group, with the ability to draw from their shared experiences. TRACK has three state-of-the art classrooms, as well as a gym, and individual workspaces for the warriors and instructors. The USO offered to have Giovanni Livera assist the TRACK program and his support was very well received. Jennifer Silva, Director of the TRACK program gave Giovanni high marks saying, “Tell the USO he was a hit for the warriors!”