In the episode “A Four Letter Word for Pastry,” Duff and his intrepid team at Charm City Cakes travel down to DC for a patriotic pastry party - namely, the USO Gala.  As usual, the team works their magic on an amazing cake that dazzled celebrity attendees and kids at Fort Myer - the cake’s final destination - with equal aplomb.

We’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Duff and his team for their cake and for taking the time to meet so many military families who turned out for a slice.

See the USO cake make its journey from start to finish - a delicious finish at that! - on “Ace of Cakes,” airing at 10pm EST on the Food Network.  Please check local listings for the time in your area.  And check out our exclusive preview pics below!

[caption id=“attachment_1030” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“Troops and their families lined up for hours before the cake arrived at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall! (USO Photo by Em Hall)”]Lined up for the cake[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_1029” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“Duff and his crew carefully walk the cake in…but what does it look like? Tune in to see… (USO Photo by Em Hall)”]Bringing the Cake in[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_1027” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“And the crowd goes wild! Excited kids - and parents - rush to see the amazing cake. (USO Photo by Em Hall)”]Crowd Shot[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_1028” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“Duff and his crew take a moment to post with staff and volunteers of USO of Metropolitan Washington. Great work everybody! (USO Photo by Em Hall)”]Ace of Cakes crew and USO[/caption]