“When my husband was returning to Afghanistan on Oct. 31st, 2007, he went to check out the DFW USO and met two of the greatest ladies I now have the pleasure to know, Linda Tinneman and Constance Carmen, aka huggin and kissin grandmas.

On that Halloween they dressed up in costumes and took pictures of my husband which they sent to his email and I got to see.  I then contacted these ladies when I found out I would have a connecting flight through DFW in Dec. and they met my flight with their matching t-shirts and pom poms and I got to hug and kiss them as well as hand out the infantry pins I had brought for them.

We have stayed in touch through Facebook and emails and when my husband came back through DFW for R&R two weeks ago, I emailed them and Linda was able to meet his flight and Constance came over and they bought him lunch.  The are planning to meet again when he goes back over in a couple of days.  These ladies are awesome and give me positive support and encouragement about the things I attempt to accomplish as an Army wife, as well as just thoroughly loving service members.

I want to be just like them when I grown up.” -Connie M.

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