[caption id=“attachment_654” align=“alignright” width=“300” caption=“Madison Pettis addresses school children in Hawaii as part of her first USO Tour”][/caption]

Arlington, VA -Actress Madison Pettis is heading to Germany on her second USO tour, January 9-13.  As part of her 4-day trip, Pettis will visit elementary and middle schools, where she will connect with military school children, take part in school activities and sign autographs.

In April 2009, Pettis traveled to Hawaii and participated in her first USO tour.  The young star visited seven military schools and delivered inspirational messages to more than 800 military children.  A big supporter of the U.S. Military, Pettis spent this holiday season campaigning for the Trees for Troops program, which delivered more than 16,000 trees to needy military families. The young star was recently surprised on “The Bonnie Hunt Show,” when she was reunited with her brother, who had been deployed to Iraq for most of the year.

“I had such a good time on my first USO tour, I knew I had to do it again,” said Pettis. “My brother is in the Army so I know what it’s like to have family in the military. It’s hard not being able to see the people you love everyday and I’m just glad I can help.”

Check out the clip where Pettis discusses her new sweatshirt for charity (guess who she chose?!) and reunites with her brother: