Video by Sandi Moynihan

NEW YORK–When Larissa Klinger saw a USO Show Troupe audition advertisement in 2009, she knew she was meant for the gig.

For Klinger, who’s father served in the Army for 20 years, joining the group meant more than just providing entertainment to troops and their families. It meant giving back to the community she grew up in.

“I just remember what I it was like being in a military family, living in a military community, how important it was when people said thank you,” Klinger said. “And I am so thrilled that I can continue on with, you know, this tradition of providing entertainment for our military and their families.“

USO Show Troupe performer Larissa Klinger performs. | Photo credit Sandi Moynihan

The Kansas City native, who now lives in New York City with her husband, Dan Fenaughty, has been traveling around the world performing with the USO Show Troupe since 2010.

“For us in the USO Show Troupe … we get to represent this amazing organization in a way that maybe our volunteers wouldn’t get to,” Klinger said. “That is the most amazing part of what we do. We get to go out there and represent what the USO is doing around the world.”