Okay, let’s say you’re sitting a remote base in Iraq or Afghanistan, and you spend all of your waking hours working or wishing you had something else to occupy your time.

Resources are scant. Maybe you and your comrades crowd around a laptop computer to watch the same video.  Who would blame you if you wondered, “Does anybody know I’m here?”

Now, let’s say your senior NCO contacted the USO and asked for some sporting equipment, some more laptops and movies.  Maybe some snacks or musical instruments.  The USO is answering that call.

The USO2Go program takes these requests, fills them and mails (that’s right, MAILS) dozens of boxes to remote locations across Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

Thanks to our donors, the USO has shipped more than 300 of these USO2Go kits across the region, and the demand for them is growing.

We’re proud of this program, and we are honored to be able to help.