By Danielle DeSimone

When faced with uncertainty, many in the world turn to things that bring them comfort: music, reading, art. For military children stuck at home under quarantine and social distancing directives during the COVID-19 pandemic, these avenues of creative expression have become even more important. Research has even shown that art helps children with developing social skills as well as regulate and process their emotions – especially when dealing with negative events.

Disney in Uniform_Coloring Sheet | Photo credit Dave Mowder, licensed by Disney

That’s why, in honor of Month of the Military Child, the USO Wiesbaden team in Germany - where there is currently a nationwide lockdown - has developed coloring sheets specifically designed for military children and to help them pass the time while at home. Additionally, famous cartoonists such as Jeff Bacon of Broadside Cartoons; Dave Mowder, licensed by Disney; and Paul Boscacci of Fort Knox Cartoons have created coloring pages for military children to play with as well.

These cartoonists are USO tour veterans who have traveled around the world to visit service members deployed overseas and now are taking the time to reach out to the smallest members of the military community through art. Each pays tribute to different branches of the military, so that military kids can color in the drawing that matches with their parent’s branch of service.

Sending a Care Package to Dad_Coloring Sheet | Photo credit Paul Boscacci

These coloring pages are far more than just a fun activity to keep kids busy – they are also a wonderful way to spread cheer around your local community. Children across the globe are hanging their drawings and paintings in windows and on balconies to share a little hope and positivity in these challenging times. Finding artwork in your neighbors’ windows also makes a great game of I-Spy during socially-distanced walks around the neighborhood!

Regardless of how your military child uses these coloring pages, they are a great way to distract themselves from the uncertainty around them, work on their coloring skills and maybe even spread some joy to those around you.

Month of the Military Child - April 2020 - Coloring Pages