For soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen currently engaged in counterterrorism and combat operations throughout the Middle East, the USO serves as a home away from home, with personnel and centers located where our troops serve to ensure those operating in combat zones never feel forgotten. Nothing speaks louder about the commitment of your USO - and the trust the military has in us - than our presence alongside these war-fighters.

In the wake of recent events in the Middle East, the USO stands fast in its support of service members throughout the region. Stateside, the USO was on the flight line with the 82nd Airborne Division as they deployed from Fort Bragg. When they arrived at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, en route to the Middle East, a USO team was there to greet and support them.

“The USO has always been – and continues to be – a place of comfort and connection to home for service members deployed around the world,” said Sara Lottie, regional vice president of USO Southwest Asia. “As recently-deployed U.S. troops arrive in the region, the USO is uniquely positioned to actively support them with USO care packages, phone calls home and special events to ensure they know how much their service and sacrifice is appreciated. Our USO team on the ground is already hard at work, welcoming these newly-arrived service members.”

Deployments to the front lines are challenging. Service members are in a new environment, far from everything familiar, as well as separated from their loved ones. They must miss birthdays, graduations, holidays, the birth of their child – all while also dealing with the daily stress and dangers of being stationed on the front lines.

That is where the USO comes in. Our USO locations throughout the region will continue to provide crucial services and morale-boosting programs to our troops that allow them to speak with a loved one back home, have a home-cooked meal, bond with their fellow service members, or even just have a moment alone to rest.

The USO will continue its 78 year-old tradition, started in the trenches of World War II, of keeping our troops connected to family, home and country, just when they need it most.