Actors often bring real-life experiences into their roles on screen, and it’s no different for the cast of “SEAL Team” on CBS. Stars of the show recently joined forces with the USO in Los Angeles to spend some one-on-one time with the men and women of the Navy and the Marine Corps aboard the USS Dewey.

‘SEAL Team’ actor Justin Melnick with K9 Actor 'Dita’ board the USS Dewey at LA Fleet Week. | Photo credit Courtesy Navy Region Southwest

Bob Hope USO organized the exclusive tour for the cast during Los Angeles Fleet Week – an annual celebration of our nation’s sea services held at the Port of Los Angeles. Fleet Week offers the public gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take guided tours of Navy and Coast Guard ships, honor service men and women, as well as entertainment courtesy of the USO. The cast present on the tour included Neil Brown Jr.(Ray), Judd Lormand (Eric), Justin Melnick (Brock) and K9 Dita, Ruffin Prentiss (Summer), and Michael Irby (Adam).

“Start to finish, the day has been amazingly humbling and awesome,” wrote Judd Lormand in an email about the experience. Lormand, who plays the role of Navy Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn each week on “SEAL Team,” has several family members who served, and considers the role a great honor.

“We try as best we can to make it as authentic as possible, but in no way can I ever compare what we are doing to what they do. Those guys are serving. We are just honored to play the role.”

Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey (DDG105). | Photo credit Courtesy Navy Region Southwest

Neil Brown Jr., who portrays Ray Perry on “SEAL Team,” emulates his father, a Marine Corps veteran, in many of his roles.

“My dad is my hero,” Brown wrote. “He is the most awesome guy. He is a Marine through and through. I emulate him in a lot of the roles I do. I always wanted to be him and I’m still trying to be him. I’m still trying to be half the man he is. Anytime I get a role to play, I want to do it specifically, so he can see it and tell me how much he likes it and how accurate I got it.

“From my interaction with the USO, they do so much to connect civilians with the military to help us get a better understanding of what our service men and women do for our country,” he added. “Any time I can work with them and try and get as many eyes as I can on the organization I think is important. I just appreciate what they do to connect civilians and the military.”

“They were coming up to us and saying thank you for what we do but it is like no, ‘THANK YOU!’” added Lormand. “It was a very rewarding experience being able to thank them face to face.”

“We were absolutely thrilled to have the cast of SEAL Team with us aboard the USS Dewey,” said Bob Kurkjian, president of the Bob Hope USO. “Our sailors and Marines look forward to LA Fleet Week every year as an opportunity to possibly rub elbows with some Hollywood celebrities, so thank you to our partners in Hollywood for making this so memorable for our service members.”

Photo credit Courtesy Navy Region Southwest

'SEAL Team’ cast members meet the crew of the USS Dewey during LA Fleet Week.