Video by Zach Zimmerman

If you know anything about Camp Casey, South Korea, it’s that it’s close to the most militarized border in the world.

Eleven miles to the north lies the Demilitarized Zone, better known to most as the DMZ, a 2.5-mile-wide no-man’s land that separates North and South Korea. Beyond that sits the Hermit Kingdom and its 14,000 artillery weapons, including 5,500 multiple rocket launchers, a majority of which have been deployed near the border, according to a 2016 South Korean assessment.

Manning that border is a stressful occupation, to say the least.

For troops serving far from home near the North Korean border, and the family members who accompany them, the USO provides much-needed comfort and connections to home. Watch our video to meet Hye Suk Harper, a USO center operations manager who takes care of U.S. troops stationed at Camp Casey.