Video by Zach Zimmerman

Army Pvt. Will Hoover is auditioning for “The Voice” in February, and it’s a moment he’s been dreaming of and practicing for the entire time he was stationed overseas.

“My goal, whenever they show back up in Austin, is to show up and show out so I can do what I’ve been dreaming about my entire life–just being able to do music for a living,” Hoover said inside the music room at USO Camp Buehring, Kuwait, where he was found jamming out with his fellow soldiers.

“We met here [at the USO] just jamming – just three days into coming here. It was our outlet–straight away–to get together and jam. It’s always a jam session.”

One of the unique amenities offered by many USO centers, music rooms are often fully stocked with guitars, amps, keyboards, basses and anything else you would need to practice your musical talents.

“It’s a nice way to get away from everything,” said Army Pvt. Ben Mihulka, who plays bass guitar. “This is our little getaway. Some people they are in the gym 24/7 when they are not working. I’d rather be in here than the gym. This is my release.”

–USO Senior Multimedia Journalists Joseph Andrew Lee and Sandi Moynihan contributed to this video.

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