Leroy Manigault, Jr., epitomized the true nature of a citizen-soldier while on duty at his civilian job as a uniformed officer with the Montgomery, Alabama, Police Department in March.

Working as a high school resource officer, Manigault quickly responded to an active shooter situation at the end of the school day when students were departing campus. He immediately ran toward the sound of gunfire from a parking lot adjacent to the school grounds, quickly identifying the shooter and assisting police officers in apprehending the shooter in less than five minutes. His decisive actions distracted the shooter and helped prevent a potentially tragic situation.

In a separate incident, his close working relationship and coordination with school faculty, staff and students enabled Manigault and another officer to apprehend a sexual predator on the school campus in January of this year. The individual was directly linked to multiple unresolved cases. The capture of the predator resulted in a safer learning environment.

Manigault’s diligence in these two events earned him recognition from the Alabama Director of Public Safety as well as a commendation award from the Montgomery Police Department.