While deployed to Anchorage, Alaska, Keith Coddington displayed life-altering heroism when he stopped along an Alaska road to help a civilian suffering a seizure. He combined his previous training as a wildland firefighter with his Coast Guard skills to quickly take control of the situation. Coddington, displaying leadership qualities beyond his years, ensured lifesaving first aid was provided to the individual before local EMS and fire personnel arrived on the scene.

In addition, Coddington conversed via radio with a distressed local mariner who was threatening suicide on New Year’s Day. While coordinating local police and EMS support, he convinced the mariner to disembark the vessel and turn himself over to the local authorities to receive care. He also volunteered to organize a color guard for the Homer, Alaska, Veterans Day parade and visited with local veterans in the hospital after the event.

Coddington, a native of Medford, Oregon, demonstrated maturity and proficiency beyond his paygrade by qualifying for positions typically held by more senior personnel and displayed outstanding leadership and professionalism in serving the members of USCGC Hickory, the local community and the Coast Guard.