Marine Corps Sergeant Phat Huynh is an integral part of the USO Incirlik team. He is a jack-of-all-trades volunteer, providing support with stocking and cleaning, running key programs and taking initiative to ensure things are done correctly and on time. Every time he walks through the door, he excludes energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to the USO mission.

Huynh is well-known for his ability to provide support when needed, especially during hectic operating hours when the center is full of guests. When asked, Center Manager Carlos Guzman said, “What need hasn’t he filled? He does it all!” Once, on short notice, he stepped up and took the lead on the Spanish Coalition Forces BBQ, taking care of the grilling and providing a meal for more than 200 service members.

“Huyhn’s background and knowledge, along with his caring attitude for others and his desire to succeed above all, makes him a unique person. No one, absolutely no one, works harder than this volunteer,” said Bernhard Lashleyleidner, center operations manager.

Huynh makes the task of volunteer recruitment easy, showing that volunteering is both fun and rewarding. When others see him volunteer, they want to donate their time to the USO, too. Center visitors feel at ease and know they will be cared for while there. USO Incirlik is lucky to have a volunteer as dedicated and passionate as Phat Huynh.