Army Sergeant Avery Mack is a positive role model for others at USO Fort Hood. He exemplifies the USO core values, especially accountability and excellence. He is never late for a shift and spends many weekends and evenings helping keep the center running in top shape. Mack supports the mission of the USO by providing excellent customer service to the center’s visitors. He is truly committed to keeping the center comfortable and welcoming for all.

Mack goes above and beyond his duty as a volunteer. His commitment to the whole USO center experience, including keeping it looking clean and organized, is a true testament to his work ethic.

“He is dedicated, hardworking and overcomes any obstacle that may stand in his way to make volunteering a priority,” said Kate Albaugh, a USO Fort Hood center operations supervisor. “He understands the value of the USO and makes sure he is a positive role model to his fellow soldiers on Fort Hood.”

Mack is a compassionate and friendly volunteer, offering every guest a warm welcome and smile. He keeps the atmosphere in the center and at special events upbeat and fun. Above all else, he works hard to ensure that the USO can be there for his fellow service members and their families. Avery Mack is a great asset to USO Fort Hood.