It’s Mission: Recovery week here at the USO. But instead of telling you about how your support helps troops and their families, we wanted to show you.

Here are seven video stories that get at the heart of what we do for the people who need us most, from our new state-of-the-art centers for recovering troops and their families all the way to our unique programs and the kits we create for recently injured troops in the field.

1. The Impact of USO Warrior and Family Centers

Our two new centers – on hospital campuses at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and Bethesda, Maryland – give recovering troops dozens of opportunities to both relax and plan their futures.

2. The USO Wounded Warrior Gym at Fort Hood

Wounded troops in Texas wanted a place to get their strength back. We listened.

3. Warrior Care Packs for Recently Injured Troops

When you’re injured in the field, there’s no time to pack a bag. The USO packs contain items that allow our troops to heal with some of the comforts of home.

4. USO/Renovating Hope: Rebuilding Lives by Rebuilding Homes

The Gardon family served our country. When they needed a hand, the USO and its partners were there to help.

5. USO Caregivers Conferences Make an Impact on Families

The USO has found a way to serve and re-energize those who are silently caring for loved ones affected by visible and invisible wounds of war.

6. Project Sanctuary and the Fight Against PTSD

The DeGrace family talks about finding hope again.

7. The USO Journey

What the USO is all about, including helping troops and families when they need us most.