Think you know your USO and military history? Take this week’s USO quiz. (Answers at the bottom.)

1. The USO had an official mascot at one point during World War II. What was it? A. a service dog B. a mongoose C. a fruit fly D. a bugler

[caption id=“attachment_11200” align=“alignright” width=“404”]Library of Congress photo Bob Hope. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress[/caption]

2. Bob Hope first performed for a military audience at what location? A. Nome, Alaska B. March Field, California C. Love Field, California D. Hickam Field, Hawaii

3. USO shows today are free to all service members. But that wasn’t always the case. How much did it cost in 1942 for Army and Navy troops to get into a USO Camp Show? A. 1 to 5 cents B. 10 cents C. 15 to 20 cents D. 25 cents

4. Which former Apollo Astronaut was once a member of the USO Board of Governors? A. Neil Armstrong B. John Glenn C. Michael Collins D. Frank Boreman

5. In 1982, then-USO President William G. Whyte personally accepted a $10,000 contribution to the USO from which of these celebrities? A. Woody Allen B. Reggie Jackson C. E.T. D. Shamu the Killer Whale

Highlight the line below to see the answers: 1. B; 2. B; 3. C; 4. C; 5. D