Day eight of Wishbook is about helping those who help others.

With more than 400,000 troops injured in the last 12 years of war, thousands of military spouses and family members have been called into new roles as caregivers. While their loved ones deal with the lifelong ramifications of injuries sustained supporting their country, these caregivers often navigate a litany of doctor’s appointments and red tape, while also keeping the family in order and many times taking on the role of primary breadwinner.

For all these reasons, we established USO Caregivers Conferences. These daylong getaways - held at locations near military bases in the United States - give caregivers a chance to bond, discuss their daily obstacles and learn from each other while also taking lessons from experts on how to deal with stress, manage expectations and raise a family in what sometimes seems to be an impossible situation.

With just a few clicks, you can help these caregivers on their journey to more fulfilling lives for their families.