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Walt Lamerton - who conceived and secured the USO charter for the center that became USO Tampa Bay - stepped down Aug. 2 after three years at the helm of the organization.

But it wasn’t without a good sendoff.

Lamerton - a real estate agent by trade - was given a tribute in military writer Howard Altman’s column in Sunday’s edition of the Tampa Tribune. Here’s an excerpt:

But just because Lamerton is stepping down doesn’t mean he is stepping away. He’s still working on the Orlando proposition. And the housing for the homeless. And the deals with the sports teams. And he is about to launch a “No Dough Dinner’ program at MacDill to feed service members and their families on the night before payday. Thursday night, the board voted to name Jim “Moe” Moyer, a Coast Guard veteran and president of the Rolling Thunder motorcycle club, as Lamerton’s successor. Hey Moe, best of luck. You’ve got big shoes to fill.