This week kicks off a brand new football season.

This year, we want to mark the opening weekend of football with an incredible show of support for our favorite team: our troops.

That’s why from now through the end of the Monday night game, we’re offering you a special way to support our brave men and women: the USO’s brand new, exclusive “Root for Our Troops” t-shirt.

With a generous donation, you’ll be supporting all of the wonderful USO programs that let our troops know we’re there for them – something that’s especially important this time of year. And as an added bonus, the USO will send you a free, limited-edition t-shirt to wear all season long.

Please donate to support our troops and receive your free “Root for Our Troops” t-shirt.

Because of your support – and the support of thousands of patriotic Americans like you – the USO is there for our troops every day. And as our troops continue to make remarkable sacrifices with long stretches away from home and family, your support means more than ever.

With care packages full of the items they need the most, free phone calls to friends and family back home, programs and services committed to reintegrating our healing heroes and so much more, the USO is making sure our troops can always enjoy a touch of home.

So this football season, show our troops you’re rooting for them by wearing your “Root for Our Troops” with pride.

Donate $25 today and the USO will send you a free, limited-edition “Root for Our Troops” t-shirt.

Everyone’s got their own favorite football team and we know we don’t all see eye-to-eye on that. But there is one team that you and I can always agree deserves our ongoing support, cheers and commitment. And that’s our troops.

On their behalf, I thank you for taking part in this campaign and helping us kick-off this football season with a big show of support for our troops. - Kelli Seely, Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer, USO