Whether they’re deployed, supporting a child who is serving or holding down the fort while mom’s away- there is one thing our nation’s military dads can count on this Father’s Day- the support of the USO. While people across the country are thinking of ways to make this Father’s Day special, the USO has made it possible for everyone to show we have not forgotten the moms who won’t get to see their children, wives or possibly even hear their voices this June 17th because they are making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  Here are three of the many ways you can show a military dad your appreciation from the USO Wishbook:

1. A Phone Call Home - Give a dad the gift of hearing his child’s voice this Father’s Day.

2. Team Up With Troops - Sports are a great way for dad to relax and stay fit. Send all the equipment they need for a game of football, baseball, kickball and more.

3. Tech to Connect Whether it’s emails back home or special Skype sessions to watch their babies being born, today’s latest technology keeps our military dads connected to their loved ones.