A passenger on the bus to Aviano Elementary school asked, “Who is Trevor Romain and what do you do?”

Romain replied, “That’s a good question, and I don’t really know.”

As the Center Manager for the USO in Vicenza, Italy, I started thinking of my answer to that question. I had never seen Romain’s With You All the Way tour and was anxious to witness it.

The 75 minute presentation seemed to inspire the 1000 students of both Aviano and Vicenza Elementary Schools. Many of the teachers and school staff were amazed at how Romain drew out the emotions of his young audience.

I watched this adult man slip into the crowd of children and begin to communicate with the youngsters on their level.  He spoke of bonding and bullies, deploying and depression and soulfully caring.

Trevor Romain is truly an altruistic entrepreneur of human happiness. He is mastering the ability to unlock doors and allow the little ones to find the strength to communicate.

He hears, sees, feels and empathizes with their hurt, anger and loneliness. He is an entertainer, friend and fellow human being attempting to assist the students through difficult periods in their lives. The members of his tour add a depth of understanding and ability to interact with each member of the audience as needed. Each of them is a walking, talking illustration of genuine caring.

Romain and his crew departed Italy for home in the USA, but a part of the With You All the Way tour remains in each student they touched.  – Glenn Gibbs, USO Vicenza


[caption id=“attachment_6976” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“Trever Romain consoles a young girl during his With You All The Way tour in Vicenza, Italy, recently.”][/caption]