When we asked Toby Keith if he would be able to visit our troops again this year, he immediately signed up – for his 10th tour in 11 years.

But he’s not the only one. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, who have gone on 73 tours, will likely go on 2 more tours this year; and many other celebrities are stepping up and renewing their commitment to those that are doing so much to protect the freedoms we enjoy daily.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you – our online supporters like you, who are especially passionate about supporting our troops – to ask you to renew your commitment by our February 29th early renewal deadline.

Will you join Toby and many others in renewing your support for our troops with a generous gift of $25, $50, or more by midnight February 29th?

Toby Keith renewed his support, will you do the same?This year is going to be challenging for our troops in harm’s way, for those recovering from injuries, and for the families of our military members who serve at home.

But I know, with your help, we can help them overcome these challenges. It’s what the USO has done for over 71 years. And with your renewed support, I know we can really make a difference in their lives.

Only a few days left before our February 29th deadline. Renew your support for our troops with a generous gift of $25, $50, or more today.

I’ve been in the crowd at USO tours when superstars like Toby Keith take the stage. Life changing is a good description of the spirit-lifting impact these incredible performers have on our troops…an effect that can be seen by the smiles on their faces and felt by the excitement in their voices.

Through our entertainment tours and other programs, our troops know that thousands of Americans decided to renew their support and are standing by their side.

Thank you in advance for your help as we support those that do so much for each of us. - Brigadier General John Pray, USAF (Ret.), USO Executive Vice President