So many of our troops are about to spend another holiday season thousands of miles from home. But thanks to the USO, you and I have the opportunity to make sure our troops and their families stay connected this holiday season.

That’s why I’m thrilled to kick off the USO’s 10 Million Minutes initiative.

The Goal: Provide 10 Million Minutes of talk time that our troops serving far away from home can use to connect with their loved ones.

The Deadline: Hit our 10 Million Minutes goal by December 20th, so that our troops can reach their loved ones when it matters most.

Every dollar you donate can make a 20-minute phone call home possible. A gift of $10 can provide 200 minutes of talk time. A $20 gift can connect our troops with friends and family back home for 400 minutes

I’ve toured with the USO to entertain our troops in Afghanistan, Germany, Kosovo, Iraq and Kuwait. I know how much hearing the sound of a loved one’s voice means to the men and women serving so far away from home over the holidays.

Just picture a young American serving at a remote outpost in Afghanistan. Imagine the joy and comfort that would come with a holiday phone call home. And imagine how good you’ll feel knowing that you helped to make that call possible.

Multiply those feelings tens of thousands of times and you’ve got a picture of how strong an impact the USO’s 10 Million Minutes initiative can have for our troops and their families.

Donate now. Help get our 10 Million Minutes effort off to a strong start.

This is a big assignment – and it’s going to take all of us chipping in to help make this a success. And it will especially mean so much to our troops during this holiday season. I know we can hit our goal.

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful initiative.

Happy Holidays,

Kellie Pickler