Today, the U.S. Navy turns 236 years old, and for some odd reason the first thought in my head when I walked in to the office was, “America’s Navy is a Libra?”

It’s no surprise to me that the Navy is a Libra. Diplomatic, graceful, peaceful and hospitable are pretty good words to describe America’s Navy: A Global Force for Good.

At this point I was emotionally invested. I had to look up the birthday of every branch of service to see if their astrological sign accurately described them. As a member of the Marine Corp for more than a decade, I wasn’t surprised to find their sign to be Scorpio - how what better way to decribe a Marine than the words loyal,  resourceful, dynamic and passionate?

The Coast Guard was another fire sign - Leo.  Their traits were spot-on: independent, working our borders alone under the Department of Homeland Security; loyal—standing guard, always at the ready; ambitious—always looking for new roles and new ways to improve our national security; and generous—lending your services overseas on numerous occasions when America has needed her best.

The Army, being a Gemini, is described as energetic, clever and adaptable. They are definitely the social butterfly of all the services. They are everywhere—always coming up with a new catch-phrase to show us how imaginative they are: Be All You Can Be, Army of One, and Army Strong.

The Air Force is a Virgo. Highly analytical, observant and precise, Virgo are known to be intelligent to the point of scientific. Perhaps a good sign for the branch that has the rocket scientists, eh?

Happy birthday Navy—you are indeed Libra: diplomat and friend! - Joseph A. Lee, USO Staff Writer