From Thanksgiving to July 4th, St Patrick’s Day to Halloween, and Christmas Day to Valentine’s Day, our USO operations around the globe provide a “home away from home” for our deployed troops stationed around the world to make sure every holiday, small or large, is celebrated. Our impactful programming ensures that our troops have a place to celebrate every holiday, with or without their families, bringing the comforts of home that can be often taken for granted, such as seasonal meals, company, entertainments and a chance to relax away from the stress of active service.

Our programming is diverse yet simple, reflecting the needs of the local military population at each of our USO centers. The USO holds hundreds of celebrations each year across globe, with programs providing the “comforts from home” and impacting tens of thousands of troops and their families. Programs are customized based on the location and demographics of each center, and include Thanksgiving dinners, gifts with Santa, Valentine’s Day dances, Mother’s Day pampering, July 4th barbecues, Easter egg hunts, Halloween parties.

USO Operation Celebration will provide the resources to support the USO’s global programming in support of holiday and other morale-boosting programs.


Within the United States:

Sweetheart Dinner and Dance in USO Colorado Springs: to coincide with Valentine’s Day, the military and their special someone are given a night of dinner, dancing and photos to capture the memory of the beautiful night!
Maine Polar Express: New England USO rents out the Maine Polar Express to provide their military families with the experience of bringing the storybook to life.
4th of July BBQ at USO Fort Riley: to celebrate the 4th of July, the BBQ provides food and music to our troops and their families to celebrate the most American of holidays.


Thanks for Thanksgiving in USO Kaiserslautern, Germany: each year, 600+ troops receive a free takeout meal from the USO and the community as a way to thank them for their service – each meal consists of a full Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, roasting pan, pie, dinner rolls, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, sweet potatoes and cranberries. They also receive a gift card to purchase additional food items, a 100 minute calling card, a Stars and Stripes newspaper and Disney DVDS for the kids. Operation Christmas Cheer in Korea: USO Korea brightens the day of the more than 6,000 service members stationed across the Korean peninsula in December by providing stockings full of goodies. Service members across the region receive a friendly knock on their door from a USO volunteer bearing a special surprise: a stocking overflowing with books, playing cards, calendars, personal hygiene items and snacks.
Super Bowl party at our USO center in Bagram, Afghanistan: troops stationed in Bagram can head to the USO for an early morning (4am!) pre-game party, where they receive drinks, chips and pancakes, along with football themed trivia throughout the game!