Expecting a child, whether the first or the fourth, is a special time to be shared with family and friends. In the military community, however, it’s not uncommon for expectant moms to live far away from these special people who form a support network, offer their love and host baby showers.

Still, these things are important to moms-to-be, which is why the USO and the What to Expect Foundation teamed up in 2013 to host baby showers for military moms. Heidi Murkoff, who established the What to Expect Foundation in 1997, serves as the host for each shower, answering questions, signing copies of her best-selling book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and posing for photos with expectant mothers.

The program has grown from hosting just four Special Delivery showers in 2013 to 23 showers in 2016. In just three years, a total of 52 Special Delivery baby showers in more than 20 locations around the world have provided support to more than 3,800 military spouses and active-duty moms. The women have made new friends and discovered resources to help them thrive during this life milestone, despite being far from home.

But it is a baby shower and it wouldn’t be complete without games, food and gifts. Each shower offers guests a chance to get to know each other through tried-and-true baby shower games and lunch, where Heidi addresses expectant moms’ concerns and answers candid questions during a Q&A session. The USO’s corporate partners also provide traditional gifts for the nearly 100 moms that attend each Special Delivery shower.

For the USO and the What to Expect Foundation, the goal of each Special Delivery shower is the same: Educate and empower military moms and foster a sense of community where it might be needed most – far from home and family.

For military moms-to-be, far away from their immediate family and friends, these baby showers are more than gift bags and cake,” Heidi said. “They are about connecting and sharing a common bond and creating friendships with women experiencing the same mix of emotions during one of the most important milestones in their lives.”

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