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Can I donate items instead of money?

The USO can only accept items that are purchased directly from or donated by the manufacturer. Due to heightened security, the Department of Defense does not allow items donated by individuals to be included in USO care packages. Corporations interested in donating products for inclusion in care packages can contact the Operation USO Care Package Program Director or call 703-806-3543.

Can I order a USO Care Package for an individual service member?

The USO does not have names or addresses of individuals serving overseas. Care Packages are sent to units in the field, at departure locations, and through some USO centers.  Find out more about the USO Care Package program.

How can I contribute to the USO?

Tax-deductible donations to the USO can be made online via a secure server or by calling 1-800-876-7469.

If you prefer to mail your donation, please send a check or money order made payable to "USO" to:

Department WS
PO Box 96860
Washington, DC 20090-6860

How can I find out about USO programs and services in my area?

The USO currently operates in more than 160 locations around the world. Find out more about programs and services offered in your area.

How can I find out which performers are on a USO entertainment tour?

Find out the latest information about upcoming tours and events.

How can I participate in Operation USO Care Package?

You can sponsor a care package for $25. Find out more information about Operation USO Care Package.

How can I volunteer for the USO?

Volunteers play a crucial role at the USO. Volunteers provide hundreds of thousands of hours of service, from welcoming home deployed troops to providing support for individual service members and their families at USO centers. Find out more information about how to get involved.

I am an entertainer who would like participate in USO tours. How do I apply?

The USO delivers some of America’s most popular and recognizable celebrities around the world to the troops. Learn how to tour and who tours.

I am stationed on a base in the United States. How can we get a USO tour?

The USO supports many stateside entertainment programs. Send a request on letterhead from your Command. The letter can be attached and submitted via email or faxed to 703-908-6462. Once this information has been submitted, a representative from the USO will be in touch regarding next steps. We try to fulfill as many requests as possible but cannot guarantee any specific performances or performers.

I am stationed overseas. How can we get a USO tour?

If you have a suggestion for a tour to come to your base, contact your Base Services representative or Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) representative and ask them to contact us. Please note the USO recruits talent for tours but does not determine the location of those tours. We do work in close partnership with the Department of Defense and share the requests we get from the field with them.

I have a question that is not addressed in the FAQ section. Who can I contact?

Please submit any other general inquiries here.

I would like to use the USO logo. How do I obtain permission?

The USO, the USO logo and tagline are registered trademarks of the United Service Organizations, Inc. Use of the name, logo and/or tagline without written permission of the USO is prohibited. Approval for use of the USO logo may be requested from the USO Communications Department. Contact USO Communications at 703-908-6400 or send an e-mail to info@uso.org.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by federal law.

Is the USO an agency of the United States Government?

No. The USO is a nonprofit, charitable corporation chartered by Congress that relies on donations from individuals, organizations and corporations to support its programs. Every president has been the Honorary Chairman of the USO since 1941. Learn more about the history of the USO.

My corporation is interested in getting involved with the USO. Who should I contact with additional questions?

There are many different ways corporations rally around our service members and show support. Learn more about becoming a partner, or contact Corporate Alliances at 703-908-6400 or email.

My family member toured with the USO a while ago. Can you provide pictures or detailed information on his/her tours?

The USO does not have detailed information on each individual who toured for the troops. We recommend contacting the National Archives and Records Administration and the Library of Congress.

What does USO stand for?

USO stands for United Service Organizations. Find out about the origins of the name.

What programs and services does the USO offer?

The USO provides morale-boosting programs for troops and their families wherever they may be sent worldwide. Get more information about our programs and services.

Where can I find a roster of USO entertainers from the past?

Learn more about entertainers who have toured for the USO and the history of the USO. The USO does not have detailed files on each person who toured for the troops. If you are specifically interested in a list of people who toured with Bob Hope, his official website houses not only his biography and history, but also some of his USO tour information.

Who can attend USO celebrity entertainment performances?

All USO events are free and open to U.S. military ID card holders and their families, both stateside and overseas. Find out about upcoming tours.

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