USO in a Box

USO in a Box

At 250 square feet and holding up to 20 troops, a USO in a Box provides the same types of services as our brick and mortar centers. The unit has a self-contained diesel generator, accepts shore power if available, and has interior climate control -- heat and air conditioning. The unit can be unfolded and operational within 20 minutes of being dropped on site.

The expandable Tactical Operations Center (TOC) used by the military into an unmanned USO center that can be trucked or helo’d into austere operating environments. This box provides each unit features such as Internet access, two rugged laptops, four flat screen televisions, a DVD player, Voice Over Internet Phone, three Xbox® 360 gaming systems, Guitar Hero® and surround sound. The nature of these units allows them to be quickly moved from one location to another, as needed.

With USO in a Box, the USO can continue to deliver its services and support to those stationed in some of the most remote regions. With the help of corporate sponsors and the American public, we hope to bring the USO in a Box units to as many men and women in uniform as possible.

Learn more about USO in a Box (PDF) 

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