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USO Teams with game on Nation to Give Wounded Warrior Caregivers a Laugh – and a New Perspective

Wednesday, June 25, 2014



Video by Eric Brandner and Sandi Moynihan  

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.— With improv, games and unique exercises, game on Nation helps people find new ways to view and approach their challenges. This is especially important when working with military caregivers.

The USO regularly partners with game on Nation to break the ice at USO Caregivers Conferences. 

“We really want to kick off the day with laughter, humor, lots of smiles,” said Alex Volp, a USO Warrior and Family Care programs manager. “There’s a lot of heavy, heavy topics and discussions that go on, and we want to set the precedent of the day."

game on Nation focuses on techniques like role playing and interactive games to teach attendees communication skills they can apply to their daily duties of caring for their wounded, ill or injured loved ones.

“I want to give them tools in their toolbox to find ways to maybe find ways to approach different situations,” said Chris Friday, Senior Communication Consultant at game on Nation. "Whether it’s with laughter, whether it’s with a sense of mystery, or trying to find out, you know, what is their incentive? What is their incentive as a caregiver? Why do they do it? And what is the incentive of the person they’re taking care of?”


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