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PHOTOS: John Oliver Leads 'The Daily Show' Comedians on Overseas USO Tour

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The USO deployed comedians John Oliver, Rory Albanese, Elliott Kalan and Adam Lowitt of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to the Middle East from Aug. 16-24 as part of a two-country, morale-boosting USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour.  

"Doing stand-up overseas for the USO is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and this was a very personal trip for me," said Oliver, who served as "The Daily Show" host this summer while Stewart was directing a movie. "My wife is a former Army combat medic, who deployed to Iraq, so I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for all those who serve.

"It's a true honor to have traveled with the USO to entertain the troops.” 

It was the first USO tour for all four comedians, who spent a week doing stand-up comedy shows and mingling with troops.  

 (For more images, visit our Flickr page.) 


From left, "The Daily Show" comedians Elliott Kalan, Adam Lowitt, John Oliver and Rory Albanese joke around with base commander Lt. Miller during a stop in the Middle East. The group was in the region as part of a week-long USO tour, drawing crowds and providing much-needed comic relief.


Comedian John Oliver performs during a USO show Aug. 19 for troops stationed in the Middle East. This was the first USO tour for Oliver, Albanese, Kalan and Lowitt.


Oliver, Albanese, Kalan and Lowitt visit with troops stationed in the Middle East as part of a week-long USO tour on Aug. 19. "Despite being in a combat zone, I never felt safer than I did with the USO, surrounded by America's brightest and toughest," Kalan said.


Albanese performs at a USO show Aug. 19. “Doing a USO comedy tour has always been a dream of mine because I truly appreciate what these men and women do for all of us," he said. "Without them, guys like me wouldn't be able to do what we love, plus I heard Afghanistan is beautiful this time of year.” 


Images: To view more photos, visit our Flickr page. 

(USO photos by Dave Gatley) 

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